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Me and Trees
Born December 1996

Since early childhood, I have had an interest and enjoyment from computing and technology. This emerged from my father’s interest in the field.

Similarly, when I was a few years older, my father took a deep interest in photography and videography too, which naturally got me curious and involved too.

Both computing and photography continue to be a passion.

Now as an adult these interests are in my everyday life, as I thoroughly enjoy photography and computing, as well as hobbies such as boxing, cars and travelling!

University of Dundee Logo
BSc (Hons) Applied Computing

From a very young age, I have had a deep interest in computing and technology. This emerged when my dad bought our first home computer.
I quickly became immersed in it, whether playing Minesweeper, drawing whatever creative idea I had on Paint or exploring the different software of the computer.
I spent many hours of my day, quite simply fascinated by the mechanics of it. Throughout school, I excelled in computing and then ultimately graduated in June 2018 with a BSc (Honours) Degree in Applied Computing at the University of Dundee.

Web Design/Developement

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m a very creative individual that likes to let my mind run wild when I’m making content!

This is no different for Website Development! I love being able to make a website look beautiful as well as interactive and easy to use! A bonus is being able to use the photos I took for clients to make/enhance their website.

From university and friends that follow the same passions as me, I have learned and honed my skills to develop and enhance websites, following industry standards and regulations.

Computing + Photography = 🙂

As a practical person, I prefer to use my knowledge and skills acquired over the years in a physical environment. This is why my two major hobbies and jobs; Computing & Photography, go hand in hand so well, in one hand, being able to understand all the technical aspects from hardware to software of a camera allows me to improve and enhance and upgrade my photography equipment to provide the best quality pictures, and on the other hand knowing photography allows me to make use of my computing skills via Adobe Lightroom, Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop etc.

For all your digital needs.