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Welcome to Ramesh Digital Craft

Who am I?


A professional freelance photographer and web developer.


What I Can Offer You



Professional photographer for “Good Shout” in Dundee, Scotland, working for clients such as Aura, DUSA, Underground, Club T, Clarks etc, for their biggest events throughout the year!


In conjunction with learning photography and video editing, I simultaneously learned how to create, film and process video content in a professional manner.


With content created, editing and enhancement follow.  Starting in January 2012, I’ve used software such as Sony Vegas, Lightroom, After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, NewBlueFX etc.

Web Design

From my Applied Computing BSc (Hons) degree, at the University of Dundee. I learned how to develop and maintain websites using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS with industry standards.

For all your digital needs.